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RedeConnect: Our two day virtual networking event for LPs and Rede Client GPs in April 2021

About RedeConnect

We are delighted to invite you to join us at RedeConnect.

As the pause in conference attendance approaches a full year, we are conscious of the growing networking gap between GPs and LPs. To address this gap, we have designed a two-day virtual networking event exclusively for Rede’s LP network and GP clients. Taking place across Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th April 2021, RedeConnect provides an opportunity to connect with many of Rede’s GP clients, past and present in small group, curated meetings. The agenda will also include four original content sessions focused on the key issues facing our industry now, as well as predictions for the future, all enabled by a state-of-the-art technology platform.

A full agenda can be found HERE. Please note that there will be no charge for taking part in RedeConnect. 

RedeConnect Format

Rede Connect will feature a series of curated GP/LP roundtable sessions

You can elect to join up to eight GP/LP sessions featuring presentations from Rede client GPs. Rede will then create a custom roundtable agenda for you, aiming to fulfill all of your meeting requests. Each roundtable will last 45 minutes and will be comprised of a 30-minute presentation from the GP on their firm/strategy followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. Once you register, Rede will immediately block this availability on your calendar and follow up shortly thereafter with the details of your roundtable matches. Click HERE for a full list of participating GPs.

Original Content Sessions

Rede Connect will also include four original content sessions:

You are invited to register for any or all of our original content sessions. 

  • The Long Rede: the decade ahead for private markets, finance, geopolitics and social demographics. Presentation by Rede Partners, Adam Turtle, Scott Church and Kristina Widegren, followed by guest speaker, respected journalist and policy expert, Camilla Cavendish
  • The State of the Secondaries Market. Fireside chat interview hosted by Rede’s Head of Transactions, Magnus Goodlad. Guest speaker Nik Morandi, Head of Europe at Blackstone’s Strategic Partners
  • Impact Investing Today and Tomorrow. Conversation with thought leading LPs hosted by Rede’s Head of Impact Jeremy Smith
  • Latest Trends in LP Sentiment. Webinar hosted by Rede’s Head of Due Diligence, Gabrielle Joseph, and Head of North American Coverage, Alexandra Bazarewski. Presenting the 1H 2021 Rede Liquidity Index results and the latest Covid-19 Pulse Check survey data



Please RSVP to the content sessions and select your desired GP/LP roundtable sessions HERE. Registration is due by Friday, March 19.  Additionally, if you have approximately three minutes to spare, we are requesting that participating LPs participate in the very brief Rede Liquidity Index® survey to support our analysis of current LP sentiment.