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RedeConnect 2022

Rede's second annual virtual conference will be held 26-28 April 2022

We are delighted to invite you to join us for RedeConnect 2022

RedeConnect is our annual virtual conference for LPs, GPs and the broader private markets community. Held across three days from 26 - 28 April 2022, the event will feature informative webinars, alongside a series of invitation-only Roundtable meetings allowing Limited Partners to meet with Rede's roster of GP clients. Please note that there is no charge for attending RedeConnect.  

If you are an LP and would like to inquire about joining our invitation-only GP Roundtable presentations, please email redeconnect@rede-partners.com.


2022 Webinars

Join us as we examine the most important trends, challenges and opportunities facing the private markets industry today. As always, our webinars will include original Rede research and analysis, with insights provided by the Rede senior team as well as a number of high-profile GPs and LPs. For 2022, our programme highlights areas within our industry where we are currently seeing rapid change, including GP-led transactions, Impact investment and the market for Private Credit funds. We will also be presenting a Rede Masterclass in NAV financings, a new and powerful addition to the GP fund management toolkit.

The Rede View: LP sentiment and the fundraising market in 2022

Tuesday 26 April, 14:00 BST

What is the state of the nation in private markets fundraising? What are the most important trends you should be aware of for the next 12 months? Join us as we present the latest data from Rede's proprietary RLI LP sentiment research and delve into the drivers of change within our industry.


Alexandra Bazarewski, Partner, Rede Partners
Scott Church, Partner, Rede Partners 
Gabrielle Joseph, Head of Due Diligence and Client Development, Rede Partners
Adam Turtle, Partner, Rede Partners

Fireside Chat: The secondaries opportunity today

Wednesday 27 April, 13:00 BST

During this focussed discussion Gabriel and Magnus will explore recent activity in the secondaries market and the trends we are seeing today.

Guest: Gabriel Mollerberg, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Interviewer: Magnus Goodlad, Head of Transactions, Rede Partners

Impact GP Showcase: Dispatches from the front lines

Wednesday 27 April, 14:00 BST

Hear insights from our Impact GPs who have recently raised funds and discuss Rede's Impact research.


Frida Einarson, Partner, Verdane
Reynir Indahl, Managing Partner, Summa Equity
Johanna Struthmann, Managing Partner, Vidia
David Su, Managing Partner, Apax Impact

Moderator: Jeremy Smith, Head of Impact, Rede Partners

Latest market developments: Implications for real economy investors

Wednesday 27 April, ​​​​​​​15:00 BST

As the macro environment continues to change rapidly GPs will discuss the impact this has on portfolio investments and where opportunities for outperformance may lie in the coming year. 


Ian Cash, Partner, Alchemy
Tim Meyer, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Angeles Equity 
Gregorio Napolene, Founding Partner, Stirling Square Capital Partners 
Michele Semenzato, Founding Partner, Wise Equity

Moderator: Kristina Widegren, Partner, Rede Partners

NAVigating NAV financings: A Rede masterclass

Thursday 28 April, 13:00 BST

This deep-dive into NAV financing will explore how private equity firms can use this type of transaction, and showcase how LPs can include it in their portfolio.

Presenter: Michael Camacho, Principal, Rede Partners

The Rede Private Credit Report: Key findings

Thursday 28 April, 14:00 BST

Leading Credit LPs will discuss the key findings from Rede's latest research into the Private Credit market.


Abhik Das, Head of Private Debt, Golding
Rick Jain, Global Head of Private Credit, Pantheon
Leo Fletcher-Smith, Managing Director, Aksia

Moderator: Alastair Baird, Principal and Credit Fundraising Lead, Rede Partners


If you have approximately three minutes to spare, we request that participating LPs participate in the very brief Rede Liquidity Index® survey to support our analysis of current LP sentiment.

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