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Optimising strategic decision making

The word Rede means "to advise". When you make critical strategic decisions, you need intensive analytical rigour and market-informed pragmatic advice. We offer advisory support designed to help you replace conjecture with clarity.

We believe in thinking hard before doing

In a market characterised by anecdote and opacity, we bring analytical rigour and transparency to strategic decision making. Harnessing the power of our Investor Coverage team, all our advice is grounded in insights generated through extensive discussion with institutional investors. 

Our advisory capabilities

When you need evidence-based advice to support your business, we engage to assess the challenge and provide a clear path forward. You may be developing a long-range fundraising campaign plan, or considering launching a new business line. You may need an impartial understanding of how you are perceived by your stakeholders, or where you currently sit within your competitor landscape. Or you may be conducting an audit of your investor relations activity, to ensure your operations are fit for the future. We work with you to frame the questions, gather extensive insights from our global network of institutional investors, and provide thoughtful advice with clear actionable recommendations. 

Our track record

Our advisory clients include some of the most well respected General Partners across the Private Equity landscape.

Some of our clients

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