Rede supports Museum of Homelessness to establish and run its Covid-19 Homeless Taskforce Islington Hub

We’re incredibly proud of the work that our grassroots charity partner Museum of Homelessness has been undertaking over the last few weeks.

The national emergency caused by Covid-19 is hitting the most vulnerable members of society the hardest. Right now, despite mammoth efforts to bring people in to safety, homeless people still left outside are hungry, thirsty and scared and those placed in emergency accommodation often have no access to food or basic supplies.

Rede Partners and its employees has played a key role in funding MoH’s Islington Hub, providing vital support to people affected by homelessness in the London Borough of Islington and beyond. MoH’s team of tireless volunteers transformed a bare bones community hall in Islington into a thriving centre conducting outreach, serving hot meals and distributing care packs of food and essentials to people still on the streets as well as those locked down in temporary accommodation – all while maintaining scrupulous hygiene and social distancing measures.

You can see how the hub took shape below.

If you’d like to help MoH look after some of London’s most vulnerable people, please click on the link below 

Donate to the Homeless Taskforce

How the Hub took shape

The taskforce at work!
The taskforce at work!