Going Carbon Neutral

Going Carbon Neutral

In 2019 Rede Partners made the decision to go carbon neutral. This meant reducing our carbon emissions wherever possible both by moving away from high output activities, and committing to offset the remainder via an investment scheme offered by Natural Capital Partners.

We assessed our carbon emissions thoroughly, taking into account the outputs from each staff member from the moment they leave home for work to the moment they return, as well as Rede’s  internal operating activities and business travel.

Rede’s business has grown rapidly in recent years. We calculated that in 2018 Rede had produced approximately 300 tonnes of carbon, rising to 500 tonnes in 2019. Unsurprisingly, due to the nature of our business, business travel represented over 80% of our carbon footprint in 2019. The pandemic has drastically reduced our travel-related carbon consumption in the short term but we are actively looking at longer-term solutions to create more sustainable business travel processes.

Where we are unable to eliminate carbon consumption by changing staff behaviour and processes, we chose to offset our emissions by investing in a project that actively removes carbon from the atmosphere. The Community Reforestation project in East Africa is responsible for planting over 15 million trees, and removing approximately 42,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually. The project supports four thousand villages and 90,000 farmers across Kenya and Uganda, helping to build a sustainable livelihood and which participants are trained to increase yields - growing marketable commodities as well and tackling the food supply.

We are proud that our efforts now mean that Rede has now been certified carbon neutral. We commit actively seek ways to reduce our carbon consumption every year, only offsetting unavoidable usage. We will also continue to encourage our clients and community to do the same by offering carbon neutral fundraises and support.


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