10 Year Card

10 Years of Rede

2011 – 2021: From Crash to Covid

The first decade of Rede Partners

A summer evening, an introduction, and an idea – that’s how it started.

Just over ten years ago Scott Church and Adam Turtle met one evening in a beer garden. At the time both had thoughts on the private equity market, unique views on its participants, and the desire to do something a little different. Introduced by a mutual industry friend, it quickly became apparent that the pair could create something with a brand new approach.

Rede Partners was formed to challenge the placement agent model, deliver exceptional services and work as a consultative partner to clients. Scott recalls, “We wanted to be fresh, new and disruptive. We had a shared frustration that services offered by placement agents could be much better, and offer a deeper lever of insight for GPs – allowing them to truly understand LPs' interests.”

Forming in the shadow of the Financial Crisis was a challenge, but sticking to Rede's original core values and strategy enabled the company to steadily secure a stable of the industry's highest quality clients and a premium market position.

And what is that core? A client-centric focus, where a consultative approach to work is delivered with excellence by a passionate and dedicated team. Both Scott and Adam acknowledge, “We live and die by our references” and therefore created a business that focuses relentlessly on delivering on client objectives.

That focus, combined with a team of over 75 people, has resulted in a company to be proud of. Adam says, “We had a clear view of the culture and values we wanted to foster right from the beginning. We are so proud that Rede today reflects exactly what we dreamed it would be.”

Fast forward ten years and whilst the world has changed significantly once again, Rede continues to grow and flourish. Like many businesses Rede has had to rapidly adapt to a virtual world and has met these challenges head on, resulting in 2020 being one of the strongest years for the business so far.

Over the course of 2021 we will be reflecting on our last ten years as well as looking forward to the next decade - discussing our predications and trends.

A busy ten years

Our ten year journey